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Tbilisi car rental


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+995 571 446644


Terms and Conditions
> Booking a car
> Package includes
> Rental requirements
> Age restrictions
> Driving license
> Driving restrictions
> Forms of payment

> Delivery/Collection


> Working hours
> Mileage limitations
> Secure deposit
> Car return in other cities
> Going abroad
> Refueling charge
> Child seats
> GPS navigation
> WIFI Hotspot
> Additional driver
> Airport fee

> CDW (Collision damage


> TP (Theft protection)
> Super cover

> TPL (Third party


> Local taxes
> Tariffs

> Driver actions

    during car accidents

> Rent extension
> Instructions
> Loss of keys or documents

> Smoking  inside

    a rented car

> Pets policy
>Traffic fines

Booking a car

We are more than happy to receive your car rental request! Though car rental booking is accepted on a vehicle’s group, not a specific model, client’s wishes will be taken into account


Package includes

Our car rental rates includes: unlimited mileage, CDW, TP and TPL services, local taxes, duties and car maintenance (excluding car washing and fuel during the period of rent). Minimal rental time is 24 hours


Rental requirements

Renting a car requires providing a valid passport (Roman alphabet) and driving license


Age restrictions

Minimum age for rentals is 23 years.  Maximum age for rentals is 65 years. 


Driving license

When ordering a car you need a valid driving license (Roman alphabet) with you. Minimal driving experience requirement is 2 years


Driving restrictions

Our sedans and hatchbacks vehicles cannot be used for off-road driving (outside of asphalt roads). We will apply 100 Euro fine in case of grass and dust will be presented under or inside the car 


Forms of payment

The following forms of payment are accepted: credit cards and cash. All payments are accepted in the national currency, at an exchange rate of Bank of Georgia on the date of payment


Delivery/Collection services

We deliver our cars to any address in Georgia. Our delivery rates are:*

Pick up/Drop off in Tbilisi in working hours  – free

Pick up/Drop off in Tbilisi outside of  working hours  - 10 Euro

Pick up/Drop off in Tbilisi airport at any time – 15 Euro

Pick up/Drop off in Kutaisi airport at any time – 60 Euro

Pick up/Drop off in Batumi airport at any time – 90 Euro

* One way


Working hours

09-00 to 20-00 (GMT +4) No days off


Mileage limitations                                   

We offer cars with unlimited mileage


Secure deposit 

At the time of rental you will be asked to provide secure deposit 200 Euro in cash. After the return of a rented car and equipment, secure deposit will be refunded  to the client.*  

*Secure deposit is refunded to the client if the car and all the equipment  are returned in the same conditions as when rented. All damage, existing before the issuance or obtained during the rental  period, are recorded in the rental contract, which is signed by a company employee and the client. By signing the rental contract, the client agrees to the current condition of the car being rented. In case of damage to the car or equipment, the client undertakes  to cover the costs of repairs , within the insurance deposit (regardless these damages have been discovered during the car drop off or hidden damages have been detected later). Terms of the rental contract can be read during the car issuance.

Attention!  The client takes full responsibility for any car and equipment expenses in the following cases:

-  theft, partial or full destruction of a car/equipment, if car documents or car keys have been stolen/destroyed with the car.

-  the police documents (Protocol) from the accident have not been completed correctly


Car return in other cities

 It is possible to rent a car in one city and return it in another. Please contact company’s representative to do so


Going abroad

Leaving The Republic of Georgia on a rented car is only possible with an advance request.  One time fee 60 Euro applied 


Refueling charge

We are delivering clean vehicles with full tank and expecting that you will return it with in same condition. Otherwise we simply will apply local fuel price and our fueling fee 5 euro. Cleaning charge is 10euro


Child seats

Child seat for your child can be provided for an additional fee 5 Euro per day with a maximum of 49 Euro per rental. Subject to availability 


GPS navigation

A GPS navigator with a new map of Georgia can be provided for an additional fee 5 Euro per day with a maximum of 35 Euro per rental. Subject to availability


WIFI Hotspot

We can deliver WIFI Hotspot to create wifi internet network in the car rented. Our rate is 5 Euro per day including daily internet traffic bundle


Additional driver

The person named on the reservation booking must be the main driver, present at time of rental and payer of any rental charges

 Additional drivers are possible with a no additional fee 


Airport fee

An airport fee applied if a rent starts or/and ends at an airport. The rate is 15 Euro one way


CDW (Collision damage waiver)

Collision Damage Waiver is a service which reduces your financial responsibility for damage to the rented vehicle, except for theft or attempted theft, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. All rentals are subject to a non-waivable excess for which you are responsible in the event of damage to the rented vehicle during the rental. Non-waivable excess is equal to secure deposit. You can significantly reduce your excess liability. Please refer Super cover


TP (Theft protection)

Theft Protection is a service which reduces your financial responsibility for loss of, or damage to the rented vehicle, due to the theft or attempted theft (including its parts and accessories) provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.All rentals are subject to a non-waivable excess for which you are responsible in the event of damage to the rented vehicle during the rental.  Non-waivable excess equal to secure deposit.

Please note that CDW, TP does not cover vehicles accessories damage or loss such as hub-caps/tyre’s, boot, antenna, all windscreens, audio devices and other parts & car accessories


Super cover

Additional protection Super Cover is a service which is waiving the already limited responsibility  in case of damage to the vehicle used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. SC reducing Renter responsibility to 0 Euro. Super Cover does not cover loss of keys, license plate or additional rented units, contamination of fuel, interior damage such as cigarette burns or drinks and other grossly negligent actions or breaches of your rental agreement.


TPL (Third party liability)

Basic service includes coverage on bodily injury to persons other than the rented car driver/passengers and property damage to anything other than the rented vehicle. Please refer the insurance terms when receiving a car


Local taxes 

All rates are includes a Government tax (VAT) at a rate of 20%



Our rates depend on the group of a chosen car and a period of rental time, they can differ depending on the current season. Current tariffs can be obtained through the WEB order


 Driver actions during car accidents

In case of a car accident or a theft, the renter must immediately inform the emergency services by an emergency phone number 112, and then follow the instructions of an emergency services.Then Renter has to contact an representative

The Renter must provide appropriate documents proving the case of insurance. In case such documents are not provided, the Renter keeps full financial responsibility. The Renter keeps full financial responsibility if the terms of rental contract and/or the rules of insurance and these terns and conditions are violated by Renter. If the sum of deposit does not cover the damage caused to the rental company, the renter must compensate the losses not covered by the deposit.

Car accident administrative fee 25 Euro apply


Rent extension

To extend your car rent please contact a company’s representative at least 6 hours before the rent ending time. Excess of contract rental time by more than 59 minutes without a rent extension is charged at the rate of 5 Euros per hour



Before driving, the Renter must learn car usage manual, and insurance terms and follow them. The commercial use or/and use of cars under an influence of alcohol or/and drugs are restricted


Loss of keys or documents

The 200 Euro charge will be applied in case of  car keys or document loss


Smoking  inside a rented car

Our cars are smoke free!  Smoking is strictly prohibited inside of any rented vehicle. We take seriously our commitment to maintaining a smoke-free fleet. A 100 Euro cleaning fee will apply if there are smoking odors or related debris in the car's interior on return


Pets policy

Any pets aboard a rented vehicle are welcome in an airline-approved pet carrier at all times. If this rule is violated, a 100 Euro cleaning fee apply


Traffic fines

Renter responsible for all penalties and charges related to car rental. Further traffic fines according to the road police information deducts from secure deposit